welcome to Kryptolos.de

a warm welcome to KryptoLos.de

Your crypto donation will start on KryptoLos.de on April 30th, 2023

Now your crypto donation ticket with only 0.02Eth on our wallet from

Airdrop-s deposit, maybe you will be in the first crypto donation lottery

belong to the mega winners.

Get valuable airdrops/AIRS before our crypto exchange!


Herzlich Willkommen auf KryptoLos.de

Ab dem 30.04.2023 geht es los mit deiner Kryptospende, auf KryptoLos.de

Jetzt dein Kryptospendenlos mit nur 0,02Eth auf unsere Wallet von

Airdrop-s Einzahlen, vielleicht wirst Du bei der ersten Kryptospenden Lotterie

zu den Mega Gewinnern gehören.

Sicher Dir jetzt schon vor unserem Kryptobörse wertvolle Airdrops/AIRS!


Donate now!
We are your crypto ticket
first crypto donations raffle
LIVE on 31.12.2023
on the Internet!
you're in


donation wallet and how it works

The raffle will take place for the first time on our website KryptoLos.de on December/ 31st, 2023.
Now on the subject of how does it work and what you should do for it easily?
It is only about donations that you make with your transaction with Ethereum.
The minimum donation of this donation raffle is 0.02 Ethereum.
After the transaction, if the donation is successful, there is a transaction hash a block number and your wallet address, this will be sent after the donation has been received
displayed on our wallet address.
Please always make sure that our wallet address is too entered 100 percent correctly!
If you enter the wrong number, there is no chance of the transfer to undo.
You have now cast your lot.
After receipt of the donation, we will enter your wallet address into a separate system transfer.
These data are in any case the proof with which you are at the
will take part in the donation raffle on Sunday, 31.12.2023.
Your wallet address is now your donation number.
Always take good care of your wallet and protect it from strangers.
If you want, you can also send us your wallet address and a
give contact email.
We will secure your data and treat it absolutely anonymously.
You can see exactly how it works and how the donation profits

are distributed under:

donation rule/ look below


donation rules

Minimum donation is 0.02Ethereum per donation share

After depositing at least 0.02 Ethereum, there will be the first crypto donation draw live on the Internet on Sunday, 31.12.2023. The collected donations are numbered according to the incoming donation and filed in a separate system. For example, your wallet address made the first donation, then the wallet address is assigned the 1, the second the 2, etc. Depending on how many participants donate, a percentage distribution of a total of 70 percent of all donations is distributed 100 percent. The rest will be used for administration, donations to those in need and for the crypto donation jackpot. More on this will be explained in detail in our roadmap during the donation period until the drawing date. What will also be another reason to take part in the donation raffle is that we will give airdrops from our planned cryptocurrency to all winners. Of course, we will also give all participants the opportunity to get airdrops before our listing on the crypto exchange after Sunday, 31.12.2023.
Please visit our website from time to time to be up to date on our path to the crypto exchange and other promotions.
If you have any questions, please contact us. Thanks